Reading on the iPhone good for dyslexics?

Reading on the iPhone
Via @kottke, some anecdotal evidence suggests that reading on a small screened device like an iPhone may be easier for some (against other anecdotal evidence that suggests the opposite) particularly so for those with dyslexia.

So why I had found it easier to read from my iPhone? First, an ordinary page of text is split into about four pages. The spacing seems generous and because of this I don’t get lost on the page. Second, the handset’s brightness makes it easier to take in words. “Many dyslexics have problems with ‘crowding’, where they’re distracted by the words surrounding the word they’re trying to read,” says John Stein, Professor of Neuroscience at Oxford University and chair of the Dyslexia Research Trust. “When reading text on a small phone, you’re reducing the crowding effect.”

One of the most common problems with reading on devices like the iPhone is the lack of knowing your ‘place’. With a printed book or magazine you know where you are and how much remains to be read simply by looking at the pages in your hands. Ebooks or readers don’t really allow for this affordance which may be beneficial for those who are daunted by a 1000+ page book.
My iPhone has revolutionised my reading