Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

A couple of reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 show some problems in both build quality and ease of use. If you are buying your first smartphone or considering a new Android device you might want to look elsewhere.

From the Verge’s review of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

I don’t like holding this phone, and I can’t overstate how much that informs the experience of using it. It makes an awful first impression, slippery and slimy and simply unpleasant in your hand. My white review unit is completely smooth and glossy, with a subtle checkered pattern that looks textured but is neither grippy nor textured anywhere on its body. Even the silver band around the sides, which is obviously supposed to look like metal, is plastic. Everyone I showed the GS4 to frowned and wrinkled their nose as if it smelled bad, before rubbing their fingers on the back of the phone and then handing it back to me — that’s the opposite of the standard reaction to HTC’s One, which everyone wants to ogle and hold.

Sounds horrible.

From Joanna Stern:

Many people will find the phone’s sheer number of features to be overwhelming and hard to find. For instance, I really like the multitasking feature that lets you stack apps one on top of another — i.e. e-mail on the top of the screen and a browser on the bottom — but it isn’t obvious how you actually can set that up. For real smartphone beginners, Samsung has added an Easy Mode, which simplifies the entire phone, with a stripped-down homescreen and settings menu.

If you need a special version of your mobile software to allow ‘normal’ people to effectively use it, your product has problems. Mobile devices by there very nature require easy to use interfaces.

Via DF.