Should There Be Stronger Laws On Texting While Driving?

There’s a serious problem in this country, and it’s called texting while driving. Although drivers are banned from using cellphones, many people still do it. Drive down the road in your car and it’s likely you’ll see every other driver texting. It may be while their car is moving, or it could be at a set of traffic lights. Either way, it technically shouldn’t be allowed, and they should get into trouble for it.

So, why do people continue to text and drive? Has our culture become so dependent on smartphones that we can’t go a car journey without using ours? To be honest, I think this is a big reason behind the rise in people texting and driving. Plus, smartphones are more affordable, so everyone has one. This means there’s always someone to message, someone to talk to. In the past, cell phones were a luxury that few people could afford. So, there was no need to use them all the time because you wouldn’t be texting anyone. But, now everyone can buy one and all of your friends will have one, so there’re plenty of people to text while you drive.



However, I also think that the law isn’t enforced harshly enough on those that text and drive. If the laws were stronger, fewer people would do it. As it stands, yes, cell phone use is banned while driving. But, there aren’t many consequences, should you get spotted doing it. Most of the time, the police officer will give you a slap on the wrist and tell you not to do it again. This is where I get annoyed because texting while driving is far more serious than people think. Car accidents are often caused by people that are texting, so don’t pay attention to the road. People have died because of a careless driver that didn’t look up from their phone. Obviously, if you cause an accident by texting, you’re going to face the consequences. But even if you don’t cause any harm, it should still be punished for recklessness. Think about it, driving under the influence goes punished even if you don’t hurt anyone. If you visit, you’ll see DUIs often result in licence suspension. This means you can’t drive for a period. The same consequences should be there for people that text and drive. If you’re caught texting and driving, you run the risk of being suspended or having points on your license. People will be more likely to obey the rules if the consequences are this harsh.

You may not think that this is a big issue, but it is. Have a look on and you’ll find some shocking statistics. Over one million car crashes are caused by cellphone use every year. One in four car accidents is caused by this! In my eyes, these numbers are so high because people aren’t punished for using their phones. Get stronger laws in place and fewer people will text and drive. As a result, you’ll see fewer car crashes and fewer people getting hurt. It’s simple; you just need to have police officers that will enforce the law properly.