An Enlarged Heart

The past few weeks have not been the most productive. Most of my effort has been spent trying to ensure that I meet my client project deadlines and the periodic visa issues that occur with living abroad. Certainly my own projects, such as this, have suffered.
As I briefly mentioned earlier my son had spent a week off and on in the hospital suffering from high fever and what turned out to be a harmless bacterial infection. During that time he had a whole cadre of tests done to determine the cause of the fever. Hospital costs here in Taiwan are negligible so you tend to have access to all kinds of services which you might not be able to readily afford otherwise. His chest x-ray revealed an ‘enlarged heart‘ and this Thursday we go back to the hospital so we can have more accurate assessment of any problems via an ECG.
Naturally I have been beside myself in worry.
I’ve been tracking my reading via delicious and you are welcome to track it here. It’s full of links to material regarding heart problems in children. Perhaps it will be off some use to you.