An univited guest

I’ve been incredibly busy all week finishing up a few projects that magically all reached similar points in their production schedules. I had hoped to take a break this weekend by getting out and doing some urban hiking, sharing some new finds here, and perhaps see a movie. I don’t get out as much these days this was a big deal. Unfortunately those plans are off.
Super-typhoon SEPAT, named after a fresh water Malaysian fish (?), is close to the coast of Taiwan and expected to hit overnight. While the center of the storm will pass south of here, I am expecting a pretty intense weather for most of Saturday. I’m hoping the damage will be light.
The New Hampshire Bushman in Taiwan‘ has some interesting coverage. I’ll likely be updating with any developments on twitter and plazes.

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  1. Fortunately we made out OK on the west coast of Taiwan. We’re expecting another typhoon in a few days and if anything interesting happens, you can count on my being there with my reliable Nikon.