Getting my mojo working

These past 2 weeks have been quite lucky as my resolution to improve my home office bottom line has born some fruit. Whether a temporary or long term change I welcome the craziness of more client work coming my way. Unfortunately I haven’t quite got my mojo working which has meant no time to devote to ‘blogging’ or other pursuits.
Some weird happenings this past week as well. I had no idea how important a cars electrical system is to it’s continued … movement. My old Nissan’s charger decided to die on route to home after a client meeting leaving me stranded on the highway in the rain. I eventually arrived home 6 hours later tired and cranky over the prospect of having to leave my car behind. I picked it up the next day and brought home some brochures for new Nissans.
But apparently things are going to be looking up. Friday night was bat night with the sudden appearance of a bat flying in the downstairs dining area just after dinner. My Chinese friends tell me this is sign of good luck. Lets hope.