Blackberry facing more competition from smartphones

Road warriors – those who spend a significant percentage of their time each month traveling – are leading the switch from standard cell phones, e-mail devices and PDAs to multipurpose smartphones, according to a study released this week by market research firm In-Stat.
That’s hardly big news, but there are several other significant implications to the study, according to its author, Allyn Hall, director of In-Stat%u2019s consumer practice. Among those implications is that the switch to smartphones means that the popular BlackBerry faces potentially withering competition. The study included a survey of more than 1,000 mobile enterprise users.
While BlackBerries now typically have voice capabilities, Hall noted that smartphones from most large vendors have e-mail capabilities similar to those made popular by BlackBerry. And the power of these relatively new competitors will be hard for Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), which develops the BlackBerry, to match.

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