Connect your smartphone to your Mac

The e-mail–focused BlackBerry, by Research in Motion (RIM), inaugurated the smart-phone category and is still largely regarded as a must-have accessory in corporate and government realms. Its Mac support is fairly limited, but e-mail junkies (and people whose jobs require them to be available at all times) can convince a BlackBerry to sync with their Macs.
RIM doesn’t offer desktop management software for OS X, but the company does freely distribute (as long as you’re willing to provide your name, address, and e-mail address) Information Appliance Associates’ PocketMac for BlackBerry 4.0, which is a Universal app.
PocketMac for BlackBerry works very much like Apple’s iSync—no doubt because it was formerly an iSync plug-in. The current incarnation functions better as a stand-alone program, avoiding some of iSync’s limitations. You use PocketMac to choose which data you want to synchronize to various programs on the Mac. This approach allows you to be eclectic—for example, using iCal for your calendar and tasks, and Entourage for contacts and e-mail.

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