Ditch your black bag when travelling

Here’s a money saving (not to mention time and frustration saving) tip:
When you fly, don’t use a black bag. If you do, make sure it’s distinguishable in some fashion (bright name tag, yarn on the handle, etc.)
This tip was spurred by the following I found in July ‘s issue of Kiplinger Personal Finance:
60% of [travel] bags sold are black, which increases the odds that someone will pick up yours by mistake or that the airline will have a hard time tracking it down.
Kiplinger’s then goes on to suggest a solution to this problem:
Buy a colorful bag or apply a large, bright luggage tag.
Personally, I take a piece of bright yarn (orange and yellow work great) and tie several of them to the handle. I’ve seen others do something similar. I’ve also seen people put colored duct tape on their suitcases (with an “x” to mark the spot) to make them stand out.

From Free Money Finance