Nine Ways to Think More Creatively

Alexander Hiam has identified nine barriers to thinking creatively that can be surmounted if people are willing to form new habits. I’ve included my favourites of the nine here, the rest can be found by following the link below:

Failure to record ideas. You never know which ideas will help you tomorrow, so keep them all: in a notebook, on scraps of paper in a folder, on voice mail messages to yourself –- whatever method works. Doubling the number of ideas you save enriches the raw materials needed for thinking.
Failure to express ideas. Articulate your thoughts to others (or to yourself when you’re alone). Expressing stray thoughts is a good way to consider them carefully.
Failure to keep trying. “Breakthrough” concepts usually come only after you generate hundreds of ideas. It is a big mistake to become discouraged and abandon productive lines of thought prematurely because they appear fruitless.