Popweekly: Digest for 11.23

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center
Bangkok Art and Cultural Center by adaptorplug.
Popweekly is a weekly report (at the beginning of the week instead of the end) which contains a digest of news, events, and issues of interest to Popwuping readers. It’s something new I am trying as a means of sharing all that I read over the course of a week. It’s subject to iteration of course – especially this opening paragraph.

Les Silences De L’Ecripture

Installation by 15 artists on the theme of writing & narrative. “Barbara Kruger came to us to help her in the production of a site specific video installation for Ecritures Silencieuses a show at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris. What started as technical problem solving quickly turned into a creative collaboration where we made sure Barbara’s high production standards would be maintained in a spatially challenging environment. The 5 minute bilingual typographic animation is projected in a 35′ tall rotunda literally surrounding its audience in a seamless flow of words and imagery”.

Stained Glass by Chris Roth

LA-based Chris Roth uses classic stained glass techniques to mix modern portraits of cultural icons like Spiderman with religious imagery. We simply can’t get our eyes off the Virgin Mary hanging out with hip-hop’s Jewish rappers, the Beastie Boys.

Google Portrait Series

Four Google self-portraits commissioned by Microwave Festival, Hong Kong, 2009.
Each code represents a visual enryption of a search on ‘Aram Bartholl’ in a specific language on Google.
A Google Portrait is a drawing which contains the Google URL search string of the portrayed person in encoded form. Any camera smart phone is capable to decode the matrix-code with the help of barcode reader like software. The result points the mobile phone browser to a search on the portrayed person’s name at Google.

The Art of Zhou Fan

Zhou Fan, born in 1983 in Shanxi Province in northern China, exhibited work at the Doland Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai in 2009 and at the Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF) in October. Earlier in the year, Zhou Fan also held shows in Dubai and Bahrain in the Middle East.
This series of paintings is based on dreams that Zho Fan had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachures and became mushrooms. Delicate and intricate work. Fascinating imagination.

As The Plot Thickens

7 November – 29 November 2009
Like a campfire gathering, As the plot thickens is an assorted congregation of raconteurs naturally accustomed to looking through particular peepholes and kaleidoscopes to disclose worlds as they know them. As much as they are first and foremost observers, they attain the title of “story-teller” in the mastery of their narrative devices. From the theme of episodic narratives, As the plot thickens also broadens to other forms of story-telling.
Manila Contemporary
Whitespace 2314
Chino Roces Avenue
Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City, Philippines
+63 2 8447328

Thailand’s Loy Krathong Comes but Once a Lunar Year

Loy Krathong is celebrated on the twelfth full moon of the Thai lunar year, and is meant to venerate both Buddha and the Thai water goddess Phra Mae Kongka. Chiang Mai is host to some of the most spectacular festivities in Thailand, where thousands of sky lanterns and fireworks fill the air in the days surrounding the full moon.

Putting together ‘our nation’s photo album’

Ian Brown considers what a government that nixes a national portrait gallery is hiding from. Lovely portrait of Oscar Peterson.