Popweekly: Digest for 12.28

flowers bangkok
Photo taken in Bangkok near Katmandu, a tiny photo gallery space on Thanon Pan in Silom.
Popweekly is a weekly report, at the beginning of the week instead of the end, which contains a digest of news, events, and issues of interest to Popwuping readers as they move about their local and global places.

Thailand Prepares to Send 4,000 Hmong to Laos

Another black eye for the ruling Thai Junta.

The Thai military has mobilized troops and buses and was preparing Sunday to forcibly return 4,000 Hmong asylum seekers to Laos in a lingering echo of the Vietnam War, human rights groups and other observers said.
Members of a mountain tribe that aided the United States in its secret war in Laos, the asylum seekers say they fear retribution by the Laotian government, which continues to battle a ragged insurgency of several hundred Hmong fighters.
Thailand appears to be moving ahead with the repatriation despite complaints from the United States, the United Nations and human rights and aid groups. It is doing so although it has determined that some asylum seekers were eligible for refugee status, human rights groups said.

Plainfield East High School sexting scandal

When I was in high school missteps due to poor judgement or simple childhood mischievous led to at most a talking to from a police officer, possible school suspension, and/or parental punishment. Now not only due kids have to face the fact that their actions will be broadcast to everyone in their extended social network but they may also be charged under blanket laws that label them a pedophile. Outrageous.

Plainfield police said they have seized nine cell phones after a 16-year-old high school honors student took a nude photograph of herself and sent it to a male student.
The picture quickly went viral on campus, and a Plainfield East High School official contacted authorities last week, prompting what police are calling their largest-ever sexting investigation. In one sign of how quickly the photo spread, some of the original senders told police they had received it from other people last week, according to court documents.

InvisibleBracelet sends SMS in case of medical emergency

Like a virtual medical ID bracelet, iB is a HIPAA-compliant Web service that allows its members to share vital health information during emergencies with participating Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers. In the event of a medical emergency, responding medics within our service area can access the information you have made available. If transport is required, text or email messages will be delivered to your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts.

Face’s Talk – Tseng Miin Shyong Portrait Photography Exhibition

The museum has assembled the portraits of more than one-hundred famous people from Taiwan for the exhibition Faces Talk– Tseng Min-hsiung’s Portrait Photography. From taking photographs to developing film and printing images, Tseng Min-hsiung shares with us his consummate darkroom skills. A worthy highlight of this exhibition is that the many famous persons in these portraits have already passed away, and this body of work bears testimony to the time and effort Tseng has poured into his photography.

This exhibition will be shown at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum from November 21st, 2009 until January 17th, 2010.
181, ZhongShan N. Road, Sec. 3, Taipei info@tfam.gov.tw

Hong Kong’s Café Golden not only serves up great coffee, it shows you how to make it too

If you absolutely must have a good cup of coffee when visiting Hong Kong, this may be your best choice.

Cafe Golden customers are so serious about coffee, in fact, that 13 of them signed up for a new coffee-making workshop that Tong began offering last month. For $2,800, you can subject yourself to eight intensive five-hour lessons: three on coffee theory (“the physics, chemistry and biology of coffee,” says Tong) and five on practical things like how to roast and grind beans and how to properly extract from them that delicious black gold.
All of the effort seems to have paid off. Café Golden’s caffè latte ($24) is one of the best in the city, topped with thick microfoam and properly-steamed milk that brings out the flavour of the coffee. A double shot of espresso ($20) was smooth, slightly bitter and topped by a thick layer of crema. The coffee milkshake ($24), made with vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso, is a good antidote to the sugary frappa-whatevers made from powdered mix by the big coffee chains.

Cafe Golden
1/F, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon
+852 2408 8255