Taiwan earthquake damages communication lines

Four submarine cables used by Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) for international voice and data communications were damaged by a large earthquake off the coast of southern Taiwan on December 26, disrupting service to the US, Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries, according to CHT.
The earthquake registered a magnitude 6.7 on the Ritcher scale in Taiwan and was followed by strong aftershocks.
The damaged lines caused voice transmission capacity to be reduced by 60% to the US, by 90% to Japan, by 85% to both China and Vietnam, and 98% or more to other countries in Southeast Asia, CHT indicated. The reduction in data communication capacity was less, averaging 70%, CHT added.
It will take two to three weeks to repair the four submarine cables, CHT said. For the time being, CHT plans to temporarily use other lines for service, including a satellite system that is jointly invested by CHT and Singapore Telecom, CHT pointed out.

Quake damages CHT communication lines