Windows Mobile 6.0 for PPC review

Key changes in the mentioned in the review and the conclusion at the end:

  • Revamped outlook, refined icons;
  • Totally re-mastered sound theme;
  • Increased interface speed;
  • Bundled IP-telephony (VoIP, SIP standard);
  • Smart Dial 2.0, fast search through contacts, call history; removable on-screen virtual keyboard;
  • Any tune can be assigned to any event;
  • Support for shortcuts in Outlook Mobile;
  • Full-fledged meetings arrangement system;
  • Support for HTML in messages;
  • Smart Filter – handy and fast search through messages;
  • Numerous MS Exchange 2007-tailored changes;
  • Integration with Windows Live online-services;
  • Marketplace – purchase, download, and install  directly from the device;
  • Encryption – bundled memory card encryption

Regrettably, this world lacks miracles and this case is just another proof of that. The system still doesn’t offer support for several active windows in Internet Explorer, so that you are limited to a single window at a time, also profiles are missing in WM; the office applications haven’t been enhanced either. Nor were the multimedia tools. What the company has really got to do is keep on tuning Office Mobile, extending Windows Live, release Windows Media Mobile 11 and so on. Review of Windows Mobile 6.0 for PPC (Crossbow) operating system