Café Ice SilomPhoto from my table at Café Ice Silom in Bangkok
I don’t usually write ‘where have you been updates’ but thought it would be polite considering the email. Posts have been and will continue to be sporadic until mid May. I’ve been fighting a cold for 3 weeks which has meant many sleepless nights and am in the middle of a move to a new district. We are downsizing from a large house to a small apartment. The new neighbourhood is good but unfortunately the new place has all the panache of a mid 80’s Soviet apartment. Lots of work to add some colour.
As well I’m trying to manage my obsession with Chinese and iPhone dev. studies, will be traveling to Atlantic Canada via Tokyo and New York, and am alone with the kiddies while my wife travels to Hong Kong. Fun times but little time for what has become a hobby – more on that later.