Berlin Street Art

This image is from Saddo’s portfolio of street art on the Behance Network. Check out this related Flickr pool as well.
Gridskipper has a great piece on Berlin Street Art, the introduction of which I have quoted below. Visit their site for an actual map of viewing locations – which includes gallery locations.

Berlin is a beloved destination for avant-garde aficionados — especially admirers of graffiti, that illegal aesthetic practice that garnered its own task force in New York back in the 1990s under Rudolph Giuliani’s “broken window” theory of government. Thankfully, Berlin has yet to demonize its urban artists, and all forms of street art remain an integral staple of Berliner Kultur, as evidenced by both the continuing prevalence of graffiti on the city’s landscape as well as the recent publication of Benjamin Wolbergs’ impressive city guide/anthology, Urban Illustration Berlin.

I don’t have much experience on the European continent but when I make it to the part of the world again checking out Berlin’s burgeoning street scene will be on the top of my list (Top 5 Must Do’s in Berlin).
If you are going to stay awhile and need to work you might want to check out these co-working spaces in Berlin: Studio 70’s coworking space, BCN-Berlin: Kreuzberg, Betahaus, Hub Berlin