Japan’s Love Hotels

Japan's Love Hotels
Unlike the dank motels where Americans allegedly seek anonymous sex, Japan’s love hotels are playful and unapologetically sexual. Photographer Misty Keasler shows the humor, desire, and even the loneliness of these empty rooms.

Japan's Love Hotels
Japan's Love Hotels
Japan's Love Hotels
Japan's Love Hotels
Though I have no idea if they are as sexually charged as Japan, love hotels are fairly ubiquitous in Taiwan. Some offering a private garage to discretely park your car while others advertising special prices for 3 hours of “rest”.
From The Morning News: Love Hotels. Interview by Nicole Pasulka.

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  1. I was in Japan for several months, and these ‘love hotels’ are not for what you might think,lol.
    Japan is very high cost of living, and many newlywed couples live with one or the other set of parents – there may be an older sibling , their spouse, and a child as well – in a tiny 2 bedroom apt a native New Yorker would find appallingly small.
    So the ‘love hotels’ are usually in use by – married couples.
    They don’t want – and can’t afford – to spend the money for a whole night, but a few hours ?
    The privacy is worth the price, and the more ‘fun’ the rooms, the more popular the hotel.
    After all, if you’re going to spend that much on a date, it had better be a GOOD one,lol!

  2. Kit pretty much explained everything. Haha.
    Honestly it’s not even that bizarre. Difficult cultures always have something we consider “strange”. I’ve come to expect this when reading about them.
    This is just child’s play. xP