10 Best Mobile Applications (Non-iPhone)

I not so recently did a list of my favourite mobile websites. As I become more and more enamoured with mobile computing I find myself subverting some of the functions I used to perform on my laptop to my mobile device. Including some communication and data management work.
Here is a list of mobile phone applications I find interesting or invaluable. While some of these work well on all platforms, I’m focusing on those that work well with my Nokia N-series device as it’s the phone that I have on hand most often.

  1. Fring – a service that allows you to connect with friends on Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM.
  2. Joikuspot – Joiku lets me share my 3G connection with others by transforming my phone into a wifi basestation. Kills the battery but very useful. I no longer need to do the same with my laptop not do I need to take a separate wifi device.
  3. Twitter Mobile – I find my mobile to be the perfect device for browsing through my twitter stream. There are some neat apps created for s60 based devices but I find the web interface is all I need.
  4. Jott – an amazing service that transforms audio messages to text messages.
  5. Poll Everywhere – Text message voting and polling, group brainstorming, and txt-to-screen graffiti.
  6. Delicious Mona – news aggregator. Very useful.
  7. Mobilicious – del.icio.us social bookmarks on your mobile.
  8. Flickr – I have an installed java app on my Nokia but I prefer the mobile web version.
  9. Google SMS – Text message your search query to and receive a text message back with the results.
  10. Google Latitude -The same problem I had with plazes I have with this service; no one I know uses it. For local wayfinding I prefer Nokia maps when the software works.

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  1. Well said. With my little ole N95 8GB, I often feel like the little stepbrother that nobody pays attention to because of the iPhone. It’s interesting today, because applications 1 (Fring) 5 (Poll Everywhere) 6 (Delicious Mona) 8 (Flickr) and 7 (Mobilicious) are cool apps, admittedly some I don’t use, but you touch on a key point and the great business opportunity.
    Relevant “information service” apps optimized for the mobile web will begin to dominate combined with downloadable apps. In fact, that is the one way to get around app stores, by offering an optimized web experience with “relevant value” provides a legitimate pathway to repeatable revenue, especially for recurring revenue services that leverage a compatible website.
    A good example of missed opportunity, in my opinion is Google Maps (free) and VZ Navigator (9.99 per mth). While different, you can do pretty much the same thing with Google Maps on the phone, so instead of free, Google could actually charge for this service. Just saying, the value is there. Unfortunately, Google has people “hooked on free” through their advertising prowess, but not everyone is as fortunate, and we developers end up trying to compete with the Google advertising model. It’s like being dependent on foreign oil when there are other business models. So here’s the deal. Let’s make applications that are MUST HAVES rather than NICE TO HAVES.