3 Apps For A Day Of Golfing In Paradise

There’s nothing like heading out on a clear sunny day for a round of nine or eighteen on the links. A pleasant breeze blows the flags just a little, touching the dewed grass just as the sun comes up over the horizon to mark a new day of golfing. Is there any pairing better than golf and good weather?

As it turns out, there is: golf and technology. Technology that makes golf not only easier and more convenient but also more fun is always in demand, and as the world becomes more mobile, so too does the world of golf spring forth into the electronic age. Believe us; once you review the kind of golfer’s technology available today, you’ll know why this is a good thing. Here are a few pieces of technology you might want to check out.

Swing by Swing

If you could pick just one application to use while golfing, what would it be? The chances are that there isn’t just one app you’d pick—you need more than one in order to keep score and to find the range of your next shot. If you can combine the two functions into one app, you’d get Swing by Swing, an Android-friendly application designed for just about everything you could possibly need when you’re already out there on the links, from tracking your distance to tracking the amount of shots you’ve already taken.

The application has been featured in sources as wide-ranging from Golf Magazine to the New York Times, establishing its popularity as one of the chief golfer applications around. In other words, there’s a good chance you won’t need another app once your Android phone is ready to run Swing by Swing.

Golf Buddy Voice

If you want something beyond the mobile sphere, then it’s time to upgrade to Golf Buddy Voice, a device that essentially acts like a caddy, giving you shot information, telling you what areas to avoid, etc. all by actually playing a voice!

The features on the Golf Buddy Voice include audio distance information (i.e., the caddy will tell you the distance of your next shot from the pin) as well as support for a wide range of greens and holes. In essence, the Golf Buddy Voice is the robot caddy you always wish you had, only this caddy also comes with a volume control for making the trip a little bit more user-friendly.

Golf Logix (iPhoneAndroid

Perhaps the most-downloaded golf app available, Golf Logix is the kind of all-in-one app that you want if you are a novice golfer and want to be sure that you have the latest and greatest. Golf Logix is particularly known for helping you to set tee times with local courses, ensuring that you don’t miss the local deals or any of the local courses. This is especially nice to have while on vacation, when you’re not sure about the golfing opportunities in the surrounding area, but can be great to use year-round for any of your golfing excursions.

Carrie Thompson, who writes for ForeUp, is an avid blogger who enjoys hiking, biking and traveling in her free time. Although Carre is not a golfer, her phone sticks close by her side for other app-related uses throughout the day.