7 Educational Apps For Children

As the influence of technology tightens its grip on society year on year, more questions are being raised in regards to technology and our children. Some have stated that technology could have a negative impact on the new generation. However, as these apps demonstrate, technology can teach, inspire and generate new and exciting ideas in young minds.

Monkey apps from Thup Games

Kids can follow Monkey and his friends in four, colourful interactive games: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up, Monkey Math School Sunshine and Monkey Word School Adventure. These apps for Android include well designed, engaging characters and fun learning which includes jigsaw puzzles, counting, matching, maths and lettering. Animated stickers are a fun reward for completing tasks.

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!

This Android app is for older, dino-lovers. Great images and sound effects guide an inquisitive child through the prehistoric age. This app has been noted for its high-quality graphics and accurate content as its creation was overseen by palaeontologists at the Smithsonian Institute.

Cinderella: Shapes and Patterns

Kids can interact with Cinderella and other characters from the Disney movie with this educational app for iPhone and iPad. Designed for children aged 4-7, the various games help children identify shapes and create their own patterns.

My Robot Friend

This app for iPhone and iPad is designed for tech-loving school children. The all-inclusive content teaches children programming skills, logic, reasoning and problem solving over its 80 interactive levels. Kids can navigate around the app using shields, shrink rays and invisibility cloaks from their own customised robot.

Fish School

This app is perfect for pre-schoolers who are beginning to recognise letters and numbers. A variety of brightly coloured fish will keep toddlers entertained as they learn colours, letters, shapes and numbers. The colourful app was awarded gold by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Brush and Smudge Colouring Book

This free interactive colouring book app for iPad and iPhone will boost your child’s imagination and creativity whilst saving your walls from crayons and paint! The digital tools are easy to use and creations can be saved to a photo album at the end of an arty session.

Zoo app from ABCmouse.com

This free Zoo app from iPhone and iPad is a great way for nature enthusiasts to learn more about the animal kingdom. The environments are engaging and the animals were created by professional animators for high-quality realism alongside true animal sound effects. The app includes fun animal facts and quizzes to test your animal knowledge.

Within the app boom of recent years, plenty of clever, high-quality educational apps for children have been created to stimulate and entertain. Find out how you can connect these apps with your TV at http://visopix.com/ for a great way to learn with your child.

Jenny Booker is a freelance copywriter from London. When she’s not spending time with her nieces and nephews, Jenny’s passions include art, photography and mango sorbet.