7 Top Apps For The iPhone Artist

Access a treasure trove of paints, textures and materials on the very device you use to text and call. With a mere tap of a button, you can transform your iPhone into a sketch-book, an easel or a workbench. No mess, no hassle, just beautiful, exquisite and easily-sharable art.

Here are some of the most ingenious and creative applications around, guaranteed to make any artist happy.

Inspire, Paint And Draw

Want to create gorgeous paintings on the go? Inspire simulates the medium of oil paints with three different types of brushes as well as allowing artists the options to sketch and draw. The application has been praised for its realistic brush strokes and blending of paints making Inspire a successful painting simulator.

Inspire is as competent as producing simple paintings as well as more detailed works. Unlike other applications, Inspire allows you the freedom to paint with any colour you want and even allows you to mix colours on the screen. Another perk:  it’s free.

Colour away with…

Coloured Pencils

No sketchpad? No problem. Colour to your heart’s content with this neat application. With an array of blending and shading techniques, you can easily create impressive art to upload directly to your favourite social media site. The app also includes a zoom option so you can get right to the heart of your artwork.

Pottery mad? Download…

Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite

Cited as a relaxing and therapeutic way to release creativity, Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique application for budding and experienced potters everywhere. Practise the art of pottery on a virtual wheel and decorate your masterpieces. Once completed, any pottery you make can be sold in virtual auctions to earn more decorative colours and patterns. One-of-a-kind pottery: one-of-a-kind app.

Lacking colour inspiration? Try…


Free and simple yet effective, ColorSchemer allows you to browse through palettes and palettes of colour inspiration. Can’t find just the right shade of pink? No fear. ColorSchemer allows you to comb through suggestions until you find your complementary shade. It has many cool features including the option to create a colour palette from the photos on your phone. ColorSchemer really is a visual feast for the eyes.

Transform photos into paintings with…


Cool photo effects don’t get cooler than this. Upload a photo, choose from any of the four painting styles and watch as the art unfolds. Paintings are completed in a mere two minutes and simulate real artist techniques. As if a real painter is on the other side of the screen, painting the same photo twice will reap different results.

Crazy for charcoal? Download…


Like charcoals? Don’t like mess and smudging? Get downloading ASKetch to create stunning sketches and eliminate both mess and smudging. Awesome! Aimed at the beginner artist, ASKetch allows you to use charcoals without fussing over palettes and complicated tools and will satisfy the more experienced artist too.

Trace away with…

Tracing Paper

Finally, tracing paper that you can use over and over again! With this app, you can trace anything from your photo library and use various pencils, colours and shades to trace the photo. How great is that?

Fun and practical, these applications will definitely put a smile upon your face as they allow you to save money without sacrificing  your artistic creativity. You don’t even have to be an artist to enjoy these applications. Draw, paint, create where and whenever you want.

Jennifer Leung classes herself as an arty and creative person. Away from work, she spends her spare time blogging for Art Gallery, doing some creative writing and painting forests. She also likes to create art on the computer.