Circa News App

I’m currently trying Circa, a relatively new news app that instead of simply listing and summarising the days news, has editors gather top stories and break them down to their essential points – facts, quotes, photos, and maps. It’s a not so subtle difference; you follow stories which deliver bite sized changes as the story develops, all designed to be viewed specifically on your mobile device (iPhone only at the moment).

With Circa, we’re finally seeing editorialized news delivery. Instead of just pulling RSS feeds from major news outlets and providing link lists, the folks at Circa take the time to curate and distill content. The result is a broad list of topics, each containing a limited number of bite-sized facts and information. The innovation here feels very obvious: Circa realized that if you want to go broad with your content, the display of that content needs to be shallow and digest-able, with the option to dive deeper.

I’m enjoying the difference so far.