DoubleTwist is a free media application that helps you play all your stuff, on all your devices and share your experiences with all your friends.
With the exception of our iPods, and even they pose some problems, getting data on and off my devices to my macs has always been a pain. DoubleTwist acts as a sort of universal digital hub, an iTunes for all devices, syncing photos, music, and video (the video on their site demos this with a Google Android handset). It also handles all the format transcoding required to make these files work on your device. Unfortunately you must be connected via usb for it to find your device. Bluetooth doesn’t appear to be supported.
DoubleTwist also allows you to upload your media to your favourite social media site and acts as a social network in it’s own right letting you share video and photos with friends.
Very polished interface. A promising and sorely need application.

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  1. For an free app such as this, it’s quite remarkable. I should try it someday.
    I’m actually hoping they might develop an app for a Twitter desktop for Mac, something like what Eventbox is offering. Both apps shared familiar UI.
    That said, great site Clark!