Top 5 Educational Apps That Also Entertain Elementary School Children

More than being a mere tool for entertainment, tablets are changing the way kids learn. There are some excellent apps out there for young learners to tackle just about any subject, and some can even compete with Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. These apps were selected based on their ability to hold children’s attention as well as their ability to help them learn new subjects. Each tackles diverse subject matter, rounding out kids’ early education.


With Story Builder, kids can learn how to construct creative paragraphs properly, and without the oversight of a teacher. That is, the app provides enough feedback and repetition to assist young children in the ways of story building. Youthful users create a story by answering a question that corresponds with a playful cartoon image. They string their answers together, creating paragraphs and then entire stories. Kids can then record their stories for playback.


This app was specially designed for the elementary school children who take an early interest in becoming astronomers. Planets‘ peek into 3-D skies continually garners excellent reviews, earning children’s interests with its real time views of the night skies. Kids can zoom around the galaxy and opt for a number of features, including Infrared Sky, X-Rays and Radio Waves.

Bobo Explores Light

This kid-friendly app took home the Apple Design Award in 2012 and continues to entice children and collect excellent user reviews. Younger children will especially love playing with cute robot Bobo in a virtual world in which they can bend colorful rays of light. Bobo Explores Light uses a touch dial table of contents allowing access to a virtual solar system to encourage kids to explore via touch. More than that, kids will be enticed by the app’s gorgeous graphics and Bobo’s suggestions as they explore this unique world of light science, learning how light is created, what it consists of, and how we use it.

Awesome Upstander

Today’s kids are no strangers to bullying; it’s one aspect of playground politics that tends to remain constant. As communications continue to improve, bullying has taken on new, virtual forms. It’s important for parents to instruct their kids on how to deal with bullies, but Awesome Upstander takes things a step further, showing kids how to draw successful boundaries without sparking the ire or ridicule of other children. Awesome Upstander teaches kids how to deal with bullies in an interactive world where they must run, jump and sprint around school campus, joining forces with their friends to defend themselves against the bully.

Math Evolve

A Fun Math Game: One of the top-rated math games for kids, Math Evolve reminds older folks of arcade-style games, but that’s only part of the appeal. This space-themed math app holds kids’ interest by sending them off on an intergalactic mission. They solve math puzzles as they shoot down enemy alien spacecrafts. Players must be vigilant of enemy fire even as they solve math problems – getting hit with a laser beam is as destructive as entering the wrong answer. Each mission takes on a different math operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Math Evolve won a number of wards, including second place as Best Educational Game of 2011 and Editors Choice as Best Apps for Kids.

While thoroughly entertaining for the child playing with them, these fun apps teach important skills and knowledge. Who said learning can’t be fun and games?

School teacher Mary Walters works with elementary students on a daily basis, as well as having one of her own at home. Mary enjoys sharing helpful tips for education with her readers and has also contributed to Top Education Degrees, a great place for people who want to become a teacher to find the information they need.