Top Currency Converter Apps For iPhone

People fond of traveling often face the problem of currency conversion. Of course, if you are a genius mathematician you can easily calculate how much US dollars you need to purchase 350 EUR or 2,000 RUR. However, unfortunately, not all people are like this.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand adequacy of prices in foreign countries. As known, in some countries prices for some categories of goods are significantly lower than in the US, for instance. Thus, you should make sure you are aware of the prices. Currency converters are available online, however, it is not too comfortable to go online each time you need to convert currencies. Luckily, there are many converting apps for smartphones, iPhones, in particular.

Now, let’s enjoy this short list of the best currency converter apps for iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, it is high time you get one.

Currency Converter!

If you have an iPhone and you travel a lot, you should think of getting yourself Currency Converter! By the way it is also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad, so if you are an Apple fan you’ll enjoy the application. So, what does Currency Converter boast of? First off, this is an intuitive and user friendly interface. Secondly, this is a full offline mode, in case you do not have WiFi or 3G around. Thirdly, this is the price. You can get the app at iTunes for less than $1 – $0.99.

The application supports all major currencies, so you will be well armed with information when going abroad. You will quickly get used to the app interface and conversion of various amounts will not be a big problem anymore. I will recommend this application to anyone who often needs to convert various currencies and even amateur traders.

Quid Universal Currency Converter

Quid Universal Currency Converter is a more professional application, perhaps, suitable for seasoned traders. If you want to stay informed on currency exchange rates all the time, Quid app is exactly what you are looking for. It gets info on 180 word currencies, but if this is not enough for you, go ahead and add some more currencies and their exchange rates. Customization of the application is perhaps its biggest advantage, at least for picky users. The app price is its another great advantage. It’s $0.99 at iTunes – definitely affordable, especially if you do need currency conversion pretty often.

The Currency Converter App

It is another application with the main goal to convert currencies using the latest exchange rates. The list of currencies is quite broad, however, if you need to add some more units, you are certainly welcome to do so. Again, the application is fully compatible with all Apple mobile devices. It is possible to view all currencies and their exchange rates as one list or choose one base currency and a few other currencies that interest you. For instance, you can set US dollar as a default currency and the app will convert everything the US dollars. The price remains the same – less than $1.

As a professional trader and a financial blogger, Aleksey recommends to exchange e-money and look for the best conversion rates at reliable sites. Visit the link to get more information. And good luck!