Track All Your Online Purchases Via Slice App For iPhone

slice app for iphone

We all like to keep track of our expenditures, no matter whether we are very rich or just the middle class people. But it is very hard to keep track of all the expenses if we deal with cash and checks.

These days most of the required things of daily needs are available over the internet and we pay via debit or credit cards. Although keeping record of payments done by debit or credit cards is pretty easier than other ways but still it is very hectic for people like me who has lots of things to remember in a single day.

As money is very important asset and its proper management is very necessary so I searched for some apps that can manage and keep record of all the purchases which I do online and save them for me. I didn’t find too many results in this category but still got a really worth app.

Slice is free app available in the productivity category on the official iTunes store and it is compatible with all latest and previous Apple devices.

Slice keeps a record of all your online purchases. If you’ve ordered any product then this app will provide you notification regarding its shipping and delivery details and that too via push notifications.

It also provides notifies you whenever the price drops of any product you’re planning to buy. You can add details of all your online orders by either scanning the barcode or entering the tracking number.

It also saves and keeps record of all the payments done by me over the internet while purchasing any item or services. It keeps all the e-receipts which I can check whenever you’re free to calculate your monthly or weekly expenditure. It keeps record of all of your online transactions history so that you can easily search for the things you’ve already purchased in past.

Another great feature of this app is that when your product is shipped you can track that on the map.

Thinking of sending gift to a friend? Then try this app and using it you will be able to track the order completely.

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