Two apps. that help you find ‘love’

Virtual girlfriend
‘Honey It’s Me’ is a $2 smartphone app to help combat loneliness in single South Korean men, by providing them with a virtual girlfriend that calls and leaves rambling video messages.

For $1.99, Mina will make video-calls four times a day, showering subscribers with a message of bliss from 100 available. With recorded messages such as “good night, sweet dreams,” Nabix said it would help subscribers feel someone cares for them and is consistently thinking of them.

New smartphone app pretends to be your girlfriend
Honey, It’s Me
Via textually
Love Hotel Hong Kong iPhone
香港時鐘酒店 Guide provides a detailed catalogue of love hotels in Hong Kong gives you accurate locations via Google maps.

Think of this Hong Kong iPhone app as the Yelp for sleazy sex motels. Apparently, love hotels can be hard to find because they’re deliberately discreet. Well, clandestine couples — such as cheating spouses and dating teens who still live with their parents — can now easily find a secret spot to get it on using the Hong Kong Hourly Hotel Guide. The app is free, but it’s only in Chinese.

Love hotel iPhone app makes Hong Kong hookups easy