And iPhone Makes Three: Marriage In The Digital Age

NPR addresses the effects of having smartphones, in particular the iPhone, on relationships and marriage. Constant access to information has been a problem for a while but the convenience and fun of the iPhone results in longer and more location diverse usage.

The iPhone appears to be way more addictive than the BlackBerry. Many people wrote that in their spouse’s hands, a BlackBerry wasn’t so much of a distraction. But enter an iPhone, and it’s been very tough to compete. […]
A typical scenario plays out in the South Florida home of Carolyn and Sorin Popescu. With dinner over and the dishes done, the couple might settle in to watch TV. It could be a cozy time to reconnect at the end of the day. That is, if Sorin didn’t have to manage work e-mails on his iPhone — again.
“I would make a reference to something on the TV,” says Carolyn, “and he’d say ‘Huh, what? Oh that’s funny, yeah,’ and put his head back down and keep typing. So, you miss a little bit of closeness that way.”

Sounds familiar.
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