How your cellphone betrays you

mobile tracking

Your cellphone is ratting you out. Stores can keep track of who you are and what you buy — unless you pay cash. Now they can also use your cellphone — even without your permission — to find out even what you’re just looking at or trying on. Latimes reports:

Nordstrom, the high-end department store, began using a technology that can use the Wi-Fi signals in shoppers’ smartphones to follow them virtually throughout the store, from display to display, item to item, and check how long they spent looking at what, just as websites can do now.

Nordstrom isn’t the only company trying this out. At least Nordstrom put up a sign to let customers know what it was doing, and not all of them liked it.

But can stores legitimately argue that they don’t have to tell us they’re shoplifting our data, and presuming that we give permission for them to do so just by setting foot in their stores?

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There is no privacy anymore. Walk by certain stores where I live, with default settings, and you start getting messages from retailers. What do they do with this data? See more: Trading Privacy for Convenience