Trends: Context-Aware Mobile Devices

Wired: How Context-Aware Computing Will Make Gadgets Smarter

Small always-on handheld devices equipped with low-power sensors could signal a new class of “context-aware” gadgets that are more like personal companions. Such devices would anticipate your moods, be aware of your feelings and make suggestions based on them, says Intel.
Researchers have been working for more than two decades on making computers be more in tune with their users. That means computers would sense and react to the environment around them. Done right, such devices would be so in sync with their owners that the former will feel like a natural extension of the latter.

iOS Central: Future smartphones will be assistants, companions

“The question is, how do we change the relationship so we change these devices from just devices to assistants or even companions,” said Rattner. “We believe context-aware computing is poised to fundamentally change the way we relate to and react to devices. Future devices will constantly learn your habits, the way you go throughout your day. They’ll understand your friends and how you’re feeling. Maybe more importantly, they’ll know where you’re going and anticipate your needs.”

All this is based on Intel CTO Justin Rattner thoughts presented at the Intel Developer Forum. Here is the original release from Intel which includes a video of the keynote, Context Awareness to Radically Change How We Interact with Technology.
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