What the developing world can teach us about technology

Creativity, Cost-Cutting & Keeping it Simple: what the Developing World can teach us about Technology by Anna Leach reports on a fascinating talk at CityCamp London. There is a lot we can learn back from the developing world about the inventive uses they find for the technology we take for granted.

Using simple tools to reach the vulnerable.
I know most of my readers on here will have smartphones, download lots apps and have broadband connections. But Africa is not the only place where people are still using candy-bar Nokias – only 20% of the population in the UK have smartphones, and among the ones who do, most of them don’t have more than 2-3 apps. The socially vulnerable people in the UK are the ones least likely to have fancy phones. Designing an iPhone app to tackle social isolation or knife crime in the UK is not going to reach its target audience. FrontLine SMS is a texting network tool that puts people in contact with the people who can help them over text, reaching people on the wrong side of the digital divide and is used in both developing and developed countries.