3 alternatives to the new Dot Mac

There was a slew of other product updates from Apple on Tuesday including .Mac which now features 10 GB of total storage for a yearly fee of $99 ($79.99 at Amazon). Except for it’s tight integration with all of Apples software .Mac still comes up short compared to similar offerings elsewhere (but it’s coming much closer).
Online back-ups and file sharing are pretty important, especially so when you tend to work in different locations.
Here are the products I either use now or have in the past. All of these work well or extremely well with a Mac.
Strongspace – “Strongspace is a safe place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file. You can upload and download files via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), HTTPS (web browser access over Secure Socket Layers) and even RSYNC over SSH (a rapid, low bandwidth way to “sync”).”
Bingodisk – “Joyent’s BingoDisk is an on-line disk service that gives you 100, 50, 25, 15 or 10 gigabytes of disk storage on Sun’s amazing X4500 platform. BingoDisk comes with one user account and the ability to serve files from a public folder (for images, podcasts, whatever) over WebDAV with no restrictions on bandwidth for a super-low price!”
Mozy – Features include: Open/locked file support, 448-bit Blowfish encryption, 128-bit SSL encryption, Automatic or scheduled backups, New and changed file detection, Block level incremental backups, Bandwidth throttling, File versioning, and public or private key encryption.
If you are technically inclined Amazon S3 is an excellent choice but it requires quite a bit of effort to get it working seamlessly with a Mac. Obviously this is far from a comprehensive list – look to Lifehack for that – but these products have proven to work very well for me in the past.