Times Feed Reader

Times is an interesting feed reader for the Mac which introduces a novel interface fashioned after a newspaper. At least an online newspaper. Most feedreaders, like my current favourite Netnewswire, take their inspiration from email. NetNewswire is great for research but not so pleasant for reading throroughly a predetermined set of sources. This may be Times strength, as it’s perhaps best suited for those who actually read each headline versus those who skim and scan.
I came across this program at an interesting time as I just started to develop a very Web 1.0 news site for my own use. I’m tired of the constraints news sites place themselves under and prefer to read my news in a single legible column. Something which is surprisingly absent from almost all news sites I frequent. I like reading sites in a web browser and despite a laundry list of bugs, Times is good enough to give me pause. I’m going to give it some time in my daily schedule and see if it works well enough.
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‘Attractive, inventive new $30 news reader for the Mac. I don’t think it’s for me, but it’s interesting’. DF
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