How To Do Business in Asia Factoids

Before coming to Asia to live or do business it’s important to realise that there is a whole world of customs, skills, and rhythms you have to master. As the tired cliché goes – you aren’t in Kansas anymore.
In this age of scanning one of the most fascinating repository’s of this type of information comes from the authors of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands. It’s called Getting Through Customs – Articles.
Here are some of favorite random factoids, mores, and customs of Asia that I found:

  • “Many Chinese adhere to old beliefs such as astrology and geomancy. Even senior executives may wait until a “lucky” day to make a decision.”
  • “Red and gold are colors with favorable associations. They are good choices for your business card, but never write a person’s name in red.”
  • “Business cards (extremely important) are presented after the bow or handshake. Present your card with its Japanese side facing your colleague. Handle the cards you receive carefully – don’t put them in your pocket or write on them.”
  • “Many Asians who do shake hands actually perform a hand-clasp, with no pressure and very little pumping. To give emphasis to a handshake, it is permissible for each person to place their left hand over their clasped hands.”

It’s important to note that though the site does contain a wealth of interesting information most people you will work with abroad realise you will do things differently – they will give you a ton of slack. People involved in international business are all very flexible when it comes to these things.
[Via 43 folders.]