Traveling with children

I am traveling again today, this time with the kids in tow. Yay! I love traveling with my kids. It’s a short 4 day trip but we have others planned for both July and August. As fun as it is, traveling with my kids is much more work – here are some ideas I found that make it less so.
Tips for Traveling with Preschoolers

The first preparation is packing, and you’ll find that the “wants” and “needs” lists for little kids may actually be only one list. The trick is to consider what’s needed for keeping little ones content and you’ll soon realize that a lot of “wants” like toys and treats, really are “needs” for a long trip. Get lightweight nylon drawstring bags to hold fun stuff for each kid, then pack them in your carry-on luggage. Or, if your kids are four or five, they can have their own small backpacks full of toys, books, etc. or rollerbags they can happily wheel around the airport.

Safety Issues – Cities in Foreign Countries

In Asia, violent crime is much less of a problem than in American cities. In Delhi, you can wander around the city day or night without constant fear of muggings. You might have to lock up your luggage so that things aren’t taken from your hotel room, but you don’t need to worry about someone threatening you with a knife to take your wallet. A big city in Europe is similar to a big American city, keep a sharp eye out and hold onto your valuables.

Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane

This time of year, every parent gets anxious about their travel plans and keeping their young kids occupied on long plane flights. Besides packing a few great travel toys you’ll want to have some airplane activities that won’t break or get lost. Here are our top ten airplane activities for toddlers and preschoolers that won’t increase the size of your luggage!