What To Do In Bangkok

Public seen on CAT

Public seen on CAT by Prachanart

Contrary to what Hollywood movies might tell you, there’s much more to do in Bangkok than visiting the red light district. It is truly a city of culture, wonderment and some of the best dining in the world that will make for a vacation of a lifetime.

Get Spiritual

Before a night out on the town, it’s best to reflect about your past, present and future with a trip to one of the many Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Known locally as wats, one of the most famous Temples in Bangkok and the entire world is the Grand Palace. Another trek worth taking is to the Wat Kalayanamit to see Thailand’s largest indoor sitting Buddha that is almost 50 feet high.

Shopping In Siam

One of the main tourist destinations in Bangkok is the Siam shopping center. Western currency goes a long way in Bangkok, perhaps none more than at shopping centers where visitors can purchase designer clothes at a fraction of the price. Men also like the various haberdasheries where they can get tailored suits custom fit in only a day or two. Thailand locals appreciate it when visitors dress nicely and nothing says style like a form fitting suit.

See A Muay-Thai Fight

Mixed martial arts is a global phenomenon and Thailand is the birthplace to one of the world’s most popular fighting forms. Fights in Bangkok are unique because they feature a pre-fight dance ritual that honors teachers and a live band performs at the matches.

Attend A Day Festival

With all the spirituality and local tradition represented in Bangkok, there’s hardly a week that goes by when there isn’t some sort of festival in the city. Many popular events pay tribute to the Buddhist religion while others are celebrations of local music and even one strictly for vegetables. Along with festivals are various markets where consumers can find clothes, electronics, jewelery and more at bargain basement prices.


Remember, you’re in Bangkok so now’s the time to enjoy the nightlife and live on the edge. Enjoy a drink high above the sky at a rooftop bar and visit some of the cabarets and exotic dance clubs that have made Bangkok an Internationally renowned treasure.

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