5 Life-Changing New York City Travel Apps

Everyone knows that trips go a lot smoother if you install the right apps before you go. What with New York being a popular destination for technophiles, I thought it would be good to offer some app recommendations specifically for the city. They don’t call it the Big App-le for nothing, and there are A LOT of NY apps out there. This list features the ones that are most diverse, quirky and interesting. So without further ado, let’s press on to some life-changing travel apps.


iPhone, iPad, Android (free)
tweatit iphone app

One of the best things about NYC is its lunch-time food trucks, but tracking them down can be another story. Tweat.it is dedicated to showing you just where you can find that fresh lobster roll at any given time in the city. It’ll also help you seek out classics like the tiger-striped Korilla BBQ and the Green Pirate Juice Truck. The app basically works by mapping the location of each truck every time they send out a tweet. It’ll also make you aware of any daily specials and secret discounts. Pretty smart!

CultureNOW: Guidebook for the Museum without Walls

iPhone, iPad ($1.99)
culturenow guidebook iphone app

Experiencing art in New York doesn’t have to cost the Earth, especially when so much of it is on the streets and in the subway. CultureNOW gives you the lowdown on where to find public works of art. So if you’ve ever wondered about that sculpture on the way to work or the mosaic outside the library, wonder no more.

As well as telling you about individual artists and pieces, CultureNOW also lets you listen to podcasts by artists, architects and historians. Or if you’re feeling super diligent, take a tour of a particular neighbourhood like ‘Cultural and Historical 125th Street’. All in all, a really handy app that replaces that stack of books in your backpack.

New York BlackBook

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)
new york blackbook iphone app

It can take months, if not years, to compile your black book of all the best places to go out in New York. BlackBook’s app does a lot of the legwork for you by recommending the hippest restaurants, bars and clubs in town. They also have a pretty cool blog where you can find out more about what’s happening in your area. By far the best thing about this app is its discounts and perks, like free drinks and queue jumps. These can be yours simply by showing your phone at the bar or club.


iPhone, iPad (free)

hotelclub iphone app

Unless you’re local, you’re going to need to book some NYC accommodation, and HotelClub’s iPhone app makes it as easy as pie. This user-friendly little number lets you filter tons of New York City hotels, according to whether you need a swimming pool, luxury service or place that accepts dogs. Once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, you can book it with just a few taps of your phone. A really cool feature is that every time you make a booking, you will earn Member Rewards which can be claimed off future purchases.


iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows (free)
hopstop app

To take the bus, subway or taxi? That is the question. Luckily, the completely free HopStop app will get you out of such existential conundrums. Named one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps by TIME, HopStop will help you find subway stations and bus stops near you, as well as listing all possible routes to get to your chosen destination. What’s really good is that it’s available for all devices, and lets you know via real-time updates if there are any delays or disruptions. It’s also particularly useful if you require buggy or wheelchair access. Definitely the best public transport app out there!

Matt Lindley is a travel and technology fan based in London. When not at his laptop, you can find him exploring London’s green spaces and jetting off on weekend trips to sunnier climes.