Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset

Gadgets For Using Skype on The Go 7. Bluetooth head sets are pretty common these days, with some differentiating themselves in terms of form factor, ergonomics, and features through software. I could never get used to using my Sony Ericsson headset simply because it never felt right and looked far too much like something that belonged on the set of Star Trek. Also, the process of pairing it to my phone was a pain – far too cumbersome. The Plantronics Voyager 510 may arguably not have made much improvement in terms of the way it looks but like the Motorola Talk & Tunes Wireless Internet Calling Kit it makes innovations in terms of usage.
The main improvement that the Plantronics introduces is it’s support for the new Bluetooth V1.2 protocol, which allows multipoint connectivity so users can switch easily between Bluetooth devices. For us this means that this headset can function simultaneously as both a headset for Skype (via your laptop) and your mobile phone – it will be ready to talk on whether your cell phone rings or if your skype phone rings. A solution to a problem we new existed but had begrudgingly adapted to. It’s quite interesting that so few companies have caught on to this seemingly simple feature. I think this will be replacing my Logitech USB Headset though I still won’t wear it out in public. About $42.00US at Amazon

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