Travelling Light

I am always in awe when I in my travels I see backpackers or tourists with huge bags overstuffed with what must be enough items to last a year. Backpackers who have so much stuff in their bags that it inhibits their movement. Tourists with huge suitcases with clothes and shoes for all possible social occasions. Such energy and strength to carry so much stuff. “People overpack because of timidity and fear of the unknown, both largely results of inexperience.” I prefer to direct my energy to things other than carrying my luggage. People should realize that you can wash your clothes when you are away from home and that it is possible to buy inexpensive clothing for every situation (if the situation demands it) in places other than your typical mall. I still find myself making mistakes which is why it is great to have a guru like Doug Dyment to help remind or introduce you to the art and science of traveling light. His site is an exhaustive resource which should be on every travelers reading list.
“Arguably the most important aspect of intelligent travelling is the issue of what to take. This, more than anything else, will determine the size of your luggage, the weight of your load, and the state of your happiness.”
Check out One Bag.