Camera Tee

Geek out on your next photo outing with the Camera Tee. Found via Swissmiss.
Over the weekend I went on the hunt for some film for my old low end Canon camera. I thought I might start taking photographs again – partially the reason for the recent photography theme. I used to have a camera with me wherever I was exploring but now I usually have kids in tow making it difficult. Unfortunately, except for some Ilford b&w there was no quality film to be found. Except for Polaroid. Stacks and stacks of it in some locations. I’m thinking of buying up the remaining supply, getting a camera, and have some fun.

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  1. where can you find stacks and stacks of polaroid film? i recently borrowed a friend’s polaroid camera and bought 2 packs of film ($17 each, 10 exposures each) and made a day out of it. definitely recommended, but not cheap.

  2. I found them in a local store. I think they have had the stock forever as they had little else in the way of film.
    I’m going back to that neighbourhood tonight and will see if I can possibly afford the fun.