L.L. Bean Carefree Unshrinkable T-Shirt

Non-fiction (Tiger Brand), my former Canadian supplier of t-shirts and sweats for 20 years or more, moved their manufacturing to China last year and the quality of their products has taken a definite hit. I have a few tee’s upstairs that just can’t compare to the formerly Canadian made product. Non-fiction were a Canadian institution, likely one of the few low end apparel makers still with a factory in Canada and unfortunately what’s good for profits is not always ultimately good for customers. When I can I wear nothing but simple black t-shirts like these. Taiwan and the parts of Asia I frequent are unassuming so I can luckily get away from needing to wear the overpriced ‘high fashion’ clothing that so many others love to wear. This year, as summer approaches, I’m going to give LL Bean another try. I haven’t bought into the American apparel sweat shop free line yet. The L.L. Bean Carefree Unshrinkable T-Shirt is made from “soft 6.3 oz. 100% cotton fabric, which is jersey-knit from strong, smooth yarn that’s ring-spun for durability. Soft jersey-knit taping on the neck seam. Straight hem. Durable double-needle stitching”. Made in Peru I think. At $12.00US it’s as cheap and of much higher quality than what I can find in Taiwan.