Temono Pipi

Temono Pipi
From the experts in all things carry comes a quick review of the Temono Pipi, a leather wallet handmade in Melbourne.

I guess the main drawcard with Temono wallets is the love that goes in to them. Every wallet is made to order, completely by hand, by the son of a saddle maker. It means you’ll usually have to wait a couple of weeks for it, but the bonus is that you get to really play with configurations.
This is a wallet for your emotions. It feels amazing, shows it’s craft well, and is incredible value considering the love that has gone into it. It is a craft wallet though, and so does not use tricks like skiving to reduce seam bulk and stacking density. That means there are smaller and more efficient options from non-craft makers.

Very well said.
With the exception of the wallet I picked up in Bangkok for my passport I’ll never put anything in my pocket larger than a jimi. But I do love great craft and these look amazing.
Take a look at the rest of their catalogue as well. I love their hippo notebook cover – very similar to what I use on a daily basis. The te. pon would make a beautiful pouch for your mobile.
Temono. Via Carryology.