The Very Protective Wallet

The Very Protective Wallet
Bellroy sent me a wallet late last year and I have been using it ever since. Their products are durable, work well and importantly, look really great. I share allot of bags on Popwuping but only a few do I consistently come back to recommend again and again. Bellroy is one of them. I do so not just for the quality of their craft but also for their passion for all things “carry”; you just know they are going to keep improving over time.
I have their Slim Sleeve Wallet but here is what they have to say about their zippered and water-resistant Very Protective Wallet:

We get taught at an early age about the importance of protection. ‘Don’t forget your helmet!’ Mum would yell as you walk out the door to go ride. While the Very Protective Wallet won’t protect your head, it will protect everything in your wallet against those things like sand, dust, gum and even the odd water splash.

They even have a great stop-motion video for you to check out.

The Very Protective Wallet by Bellroy