Mobile Devices Account for 7 percent of Web Traffic

The prediction that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will eventually exceed that of desktop computers connected to the Internet is on its way to a reality. Mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, now account for 7 percent of worldwide traffic on the Web, according to a report issued Tuesday by comScore, which monitors online trends.

Most startling among the mobile statistics is the disproportionate usage rate of Apple iPad owners. The report found that the iPad accounts for 97 percent of all tablet traffic in the United States. Analysts at IDC recently estimated Apple has sold 75 percent of all tablets. Apple said in July that it had sold close to 29 million iPads since the device went on sale in April 2010.
Although Google’s Android operating system software has pulled ahead in the smartphone race, and more Android devices are in use than Apple devices, Apple is still the strong leader in mobile traffic usage. ComScore said iOS devices, which include the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, account for 43 percent of all connected mobile devices online.

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Those with phones that use Android would seem to use their phones far less if you consider web usage a primary activity.
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