Room divider – Designers Eye Wall

Beyond what you can fit on or under your desk I tend to take only a passing interest in sharing design finds for an office workspace. I do think it’s important and interesting but their are plenty of people more knowledgeable than myself writing about this topic.
Being a mobile worker doesn’t always have to entail working in a café, airport lounge, hotel, or the beach (a dream) but for me it also means being able to quickly set-up my office in the kitchen, living-room, or on the roof of our house. This room divider allows you to redefine your workspace while giving you the privacy and (sometime) isolation you need. And it looks great too.
The Designers Eye Wall is a flexible screen system with sound absorbing wadding, covered with felted 100 % wool. Rolls up for easy storage and transport. The 50-inch-long screens come in two heights (57 and 69 inches), and join together at the ends magnetically, so that you can make as long a Wall as you want. Prices range from $595 – 699 depending on height.
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